Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuesday 31 August

We had breakfast and then packed our last items. We caught a bus to the airport and checked in. We wandered around and some of the others had lunch.

I had a good flight. I slept for a bit and caught up on my dairy, no food problems this time.

When we arrived in Frankfurt we caught a train to our hostel, had dinner and went to bed.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday 30 August

Very different weather to the day before: it was so sunny I got sunburnt! we watched the men's final and the women's semi-final then some of us went to the market for a bit. Then we came back and bouldered for a bit before all non speed competitors or women's finalists were told to leave the warm up zone. We watched the speeds and women's final then did some more bouldering before the awards ceremony.

In the evening we went to the closing ceremony and packed our bags.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday 29 August

We watched the semi-finals in the rain and got soaked. The women's route got wet so their semi-final was postponed to the next day and would be on a different route. We all had showers when we got back to the resort.

Our results from the qualification round the day before were:

Jesse 36
Mark 37
Chase 40

Sarah 28
Speedy 30

The top 26 make it to the semi-final so none of our guys went on to the next round.

Saturday 28 August - Wiz's birthday

We got up and ate breakfast then played cards in Wiz and Peanut's room. We then caught a bus to the World Leisure Games event, which the climbing comp was part of, and then had lunch. We watched the qualifiers and bouldered when the warm up wall wasn't crowded. Some of us were late to dinner and they had none left so we had to wait for more to come.

We then went to the opening parade of the World Leisure Congress and Leisure Games. We waited outside the stadium for a while and then went into the stadium along with lots of other countries' athletes. We walked around the stadium and then onto the field in the middle. Some of us sat down and we listened to lots of speeches made by important Korean people with a fireworks display at the end.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday 27 August

We got up and went down stairs and waited in the lobby for a bit. Then we went with a guide to a different resort for breakfast and most of us ate too much. We hung out and wandered around for a bit then we went back to our rooms and did homework.

In the afternoon we went to this great big swimming complex and I spent all my won on the entry fee. We had to wear life jackets and we didn't go on the big slides because the queue was about two hours long! We had lots fun in the wave pool which made great big waves that we tried to body surf and in the extreme river which used waves to move us along.

In the evening we went to the opening ceremony of the climbing competition and had dinner there.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thursday 26 August

We got up when Wiz's alarm went and got all ready to leave. It wasn't until we were about to head outside that Josh realised it was actually 2:15; Wiz's cell phone had NZ time. So we went back to bed and got up at four.

On the plane I had trouble with vegan meals again and I think I got given vegatarian meals instead of vegan ones. My second meal was covered in cheese but me and the flight atendant managed to sort out a meal with a mixture of the vegan stuff from the vegatarian dish and the vegan stuff from a meat dish.

When we got off the plane we had to wait in a long queue in order to get through customs.

We met up with Mark and got on a bus especially for world cup competitors. We then had a really long bus ride to our accommodation. We had pizza for dinner but I had watermelon and chips instead because the pizzas had cheese on them.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday 25 August

We got up and ate breakfast. Then we caught a bus to the train station and Chase got told off by a securaty guy for walking on a chain. We took a 50 minute train ride to the Villa Wood climbing ym and climbed there for a while. At the end of our session I practised speed climbing on a copy of the official speed route. When we got back to the hostel we had to get all ready go at 4:15 the next day so we set our alarms to 3:45.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tuesday 24 August

I got up really early and got to the airport ages before my flight so I could check my bag through to Sydney. We used the spare time to find a photocopier and photocopy the pages I was going to use for homework fom my textbooks so I didn't have to take the textbooks with me. When I got to Auckland I couldn't find the path to the international airport so I caught the bus. I then met up with the others and got given my uniform. Then the others checked in but I didn't because I had checked in through to Sydney in Wellington. We had lunch then went through to secrity and then on to our gate. While we were waiting for our flight James got us to work out what our numbers were and they were:

No.1 Sarah
No.2 Mark (who would join us in Korea)
No.3 Jesse
No.4 Speedy
No.5 Me
No.6 Wiz
No.7 Chase
No.8 Alex
No.9 Josh
No.10 Tayla
No.11 Peanut

What number someone was was based on how many years they had been to the worlds before and then on how old they were. I was called up along with some other people to have my boarding pass swapped for a new one because the planes had changed.

On the plane I didn't have a vegan meal prepared for me because it wasn't pre-orderd but it was ok because someone had ordered a vegatairian meal but changed their mind so I got it.

Once we were in Australia we caught a taxi to our accommodation, Glebe Village Hostel, and unpacked. We then caught a bus to the climbing gym. The gym was massive and really busy. We climbed for a while and had dinner there, and when we got back it was really late.

2010 Trip to the World Youth Championship

This year I went to the World Youth Championship again. The following posts will be an account of my trip away.